So, Midsummer's eve is huge in Sweden. We dress up, put flowers in our hair an everywhere really, and drink and dance. But we didn't do any of the tradiotional stuff. We just took a chill day in our town Sineu. To spice things up we had a Gin & Tonic on the church square and watched as theold ladies helped each other into the church building as the bells were ringing.

Andreas forgot to stir his drink and had all 4 cl of gin in 2 minutes. He looked at me all worried and asked if I could feel the drink too. I laughed at him all night...

After the drink we had a pizza and a burger at out favourite place in Sineu, Santapí. It's unbelievable that this small village has a place that offers vegan pizza WITH vegan cheese, a vegan burger AND vegan dessert! Fried pizza dough with hazelnut cream... We were too full though. But this place was one of the reasons we took the leap and moved out from Palma 2 years ago.

Since we ordered too many starters we couldn't finish the pizza so we brought it with us the next day to the beach. Cold pizza is the best and it was the perfect beach lunch!

No midsummer's pole or dancing frogs but it was perfect for us.

By the way I love the heat right now. All you want to do is go to the beach. But I have a lot of work so it has to wait until the weekend!

Torget i Sineu
Torget i Sineu
Torget i Sineu

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