Last sunday also started early. Andreas was going to do his third race for the season and I was going with for photos, live reporting and of course supporting. He ended up on a third place after attacking a little bit late on the last lap of cycling. It was a fun race to watch, and for every race I’m improving my Twitter-reporting and my knowledge in triathlon, duathlon and cycling. I’ve come far since 2 1/1 years ago. Back then I knew nothing about triathlon. To be honest, sports isn’t my thing at all. I’ve been more of a sitting-in-front-of-the-computer-girl. When everybody else were outside playing…


During our live-reporting we reach out to a hundred of swedes. Good for our swedish sponsors when Andreas is not competing in Sweden. That day we also had over 500 unique visitors on Andreas blog. Per month we now have 5000 unique visitors. It’s a big progress since only one year ago, when we began to discuss and create strategies for the blog and social media.

Here are som pictures from the race. This time you can also see me in action. Photos taken by Jennica Magnusson.

_MG_8041 _MG_8160 _MG_8169 _MG_8172

And some of my Vine-vids. I just recently started using it and it suits these races good. Short, quick and gives an extra dimension to the reporting. Though, just realized I can’t embed the Vine-tweets here, could just embed the videos. I will look that up.


I wish though that Vine could stop trying to find focus and blur everything out all the time… Really need to read about it some more, maybe there is a way to take more control of it.

Next race is next weekend in Cata Ratjada. I will try to deliver more split times, that has been requested. Looking forward to it very much!

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