So, since I’ve remade my website once again I’m planning to start blogging. For real this time. I’ve done so much the last months, and it’s just work, work and work. I’ve been thinking that I really should show it off somewhere.

The weekend that passed was full of work, like it usually is. Saturday morning, Andreas and I woke up early and headed out to the old military area in El Toro. There are red signs that says it’s forbidden to enter, but like so many times before we did anyway. I was a little scare the first time I have to admit, but then we realized we weren’t alone. A lot of fishermen and locals enter the area for fishing and enjoying the beautiful views.



We took some shots in the stunning surroundings and I was pleased with some of the photos, even though we missed the sunrise. And even though my camera gave me a hard time. Wanted to throw it of a cliff at a point, but luckily I didn’t.

Here are some of the photos. You can see all the photos in my portfolio.

Running Session in El Toro Running Session in El Toro Running Session in El Toro Running Session in El Toro

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