Web Site Setup Done! (Well, almost…)

oktober 26, 2013By Ida CarrDesign, Web No Comments

So, there are still some things left to do, but aren’t there always with web site setups? Well. It took a lot more time than I estimated. I had to do some Photoshopping, some copywriting and manage over a hundred pages in three languages. It was really challenging at times, since it was a couple … Read More

Driving and Photo Shoot in the Mountains

mars 20, 2013By Ida CarrDays, Photography, Video No Comments

Destroyed shoulders. That’s what you get if you drive close behind a cyclist in serpentines, avoiding other cyclist, cars, pedestrians and ambulances. By far the worst thing I’ve ever done. And I already hate driving. My phobia didn’t get any better at all… And the tension in my shoulders is out of this world. Glad … Read More

Upgrading my site again

februari 17, 2013By Ida CarrDays No Comments

As I’m planning to really start using this site and blog I’m upgrading it again. I wasn’t happy with the result I did last spring. So, the site will once again be a little messy but my plan is to really make this nice and enjoyable enough to make me wanting spending some more time … Read More

New design and website project

juli 21, 2012By Ida CarrDesign No Comments

Today I’ve been working on a new project. It’s an idea my sister came up with couple of months ago. Can’t tell you yet what it’s about but she already has a prototype from a factory in China and now she wants help with the website. Of course I will help. I’m also helping her … Read More

Upgrading my website

juli 10, 2012By Ida CarrDays No Comments

As you can see I’m trying to upgrade and improve my website. It will be a little messy for a couple of days, but I hope I can work it all out as soon as possible. I’m using the theme Pitch Premium and I really like it, except from the none-working Projects. Still don’t know … Read More