We have recently moved our training base/office/apartment to Palma from Santa Ponsa. Finally everything is in place and after seven weeks we got internet… I can only say: SPAIN!

So my days are filled with very different things. Web Site Setup is one thing. I’ve been working on this for Isla Mallorca Events. I’m using the Kingpower theme by Goodlayers and the CMS is WordPress. It’s not done but yet you will get a preview:

Web SIte Setup Preview

The photo is taken during our hike in the beginning of May.

A couple of weeks ago I did these folders and business cards for Andreas. He was going to Sweden to compete and attend some Triathlon Events and needed some informative folders to hand out. I told me this just a couple of days before he needed them. But I think they came out pretty good. Until next time we’re going to do some improvements though.

Business Card & Folder DesignBusiness Card & Folder Design Business Card & Folder Design

At the moment we’re also developing our products in Mallorca Training Camp. We will change concept from our previous Drop In-camps to maybe one or two weeks with larger groups. And we will focus on triathlon. So alot of stuff is going on there… A lot of meetings with different hotel managers and a lot of talking and deciding. It’s fun and we already have some interest which is great!

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