So, there are still some things left to do, but aren’t there always with web site setups?

Well. It took a lot more time than I estimated. I had to do some Photoshopping, some copywriting and manage over a hundred pages in three languages. It was really challenging at times, since it was a couple of months ago since I did this the last time. But the good thing is, I feel ready to do more of these setups! I’ve learned more about WordPress and themes and plugins and how it works together. And what to do when everything just falls apart… Ha ha.

As a freelancer it can be hard sometimes to be all alone with your work. At a agency you can always ask a college and they will tell you that this problem you have is normal, this happens to everybody. And hopefully they will help you out. But as a freelancer you sit there with your mess and sometimes starts to believe that you’re not good enough. But then a friend, who works at a web agency, told me this happens to him aswell. But with more money and people involved… I can imagine THAT stress.

So, I’m happy with the result, but as I said, there are still some minor stuff left to do.

Web Setup Isla Mallorca EventsWeb Setup Isla Mallorca EventsWeb Setup Isla Mallorca Events Web Setup Isla Mallorca Events

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