Alcanada and Puig de Santa Magdalena

Last weekend Andreas and I took the car again to get out in nature. We went to Alcanada since I'm shooting a wedding there on Friday and I just wanted to see how the light in there right now. It's nice to do a bit of research to not get nervous on the day! It's so beautiful there with the little island with the lighthouse and the sailing boats in the water. Looking forward to shoot another wedding there!

After that we went to Puig de Santa Magdalena. Quite unknown to tourists but well known to the locals for sure. We could barely find a parking spot so we went to a small "coll" close by. The views were fantastic and we recorded a promo video for my Swedish wedding photography page. And we met this adorable cat with the most beautiful green eyes. We wanted to take her home but she looked well fed so we did not. Which was probably for the best, haha. Three is more than enough!

We had a very cosy Saturday evening and then on Sunday we both worked. I'm almost done with the video now and can't wait to publish it.

I hope you had a great weekend as well!

Alcanada, vigselplats
Bröllop på Mallorca, bröllopsfotograf
Vigselplats Mallorca, bröllopsfotograf
Fyren i Alcanada
Ida Carr Bröllopsfotograf Mallorca
Bröllopsfotograf på Mallorca, Spanien
Ida Carlsson, bröllopsfotograf Mallorca
Ida Carr, bröllopsfoto, Palma de Mallorca

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