Sneak peek: Small ceremony in Cala Mesquida

It was sort of a dream coming true last week when I got to shoot a small ceremony in Cala Mesquida. The stunning nature and crystal clear water makes it one of my favourite locations in Mallorca.

Malin and Daniel met at work, where Daniel was "guarding" Malin, as he is a security guard. One year later they are expecting a child together and they chose to get married during their holidays in Mallorca. Their families were gathered on the roof top terrace of Hotel Viva and the ceremony had spectacular views. It was truly beauiful and romantic.

Like always Andreas assisted me, and he climbed around monkey style to get the perfect angle. And during the portrait shoot he ran around trying to find the perfect location. It made a lot of sense when I told the couple that he is a triathlete and raced in Alpsman last year, a long distance race in the alps. You can hear from the name how insane the race was, haha. And he had not been training for some days so I guess he had some left over energy to get rid of ;)

Anyways, here are some behind the scenes shots and some of my favourites: (Not finished though!)

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