As you can see I’m trying to upgrade and improve my website. It will be a little messy for a couple of days, but I hope I can work it all out as soon as possible.

I’m using the theme Pitch Premium and I really like it, except from the none-working Projects. Still don’t know if it’s me our the theme that is the problem…

Other from this, right now I’m in Sweden, in my hometown Helsingborg. It’s good to be here again. A lot have happened since we got back to Sweden. We did Sverigeloppet, some triathlon competitions, meetings, training, and right now I’m back working with Mallorca Training Camp and all the things in between. I’m really enjoying this summer although I miss my lovely Mallorca.

Still don’t know if I should keep the blogging in english up, or if it will be in swedish. I’m guessing it will be a little bit of both.

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