It started off with a project of three months. My job was to do a total website makeover. Three months turned into six and the projects for Buy a Home Mallorca kept coming. Now I’m working with everything from print design to social media. Photography and retouching has been a big part of my work days. Normally the realtors shoot their own listings, but this time came along to this beautiful apartment in Illetas. The first line location with it’s spectacular views was of course important to portrait in the photos. Also the gorgeous interior design.

first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-18first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-53first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-25first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-26first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-11 first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-33first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-32first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-31first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-30 first-line-seaview-for-sale-illetas-51

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