North of Mallorca - wooow!

I know that I say this all the time but this place was something else. 1st of May we went on an excursion to the most beautiful place and with very few people. Before we started to climb down to the small beach we just looked out over the water and my feet tingled. And I'm not even that scared of hights!

We tried to go in the water but I just couldn't. Even Andreas thought it was too cold. We stayed until pretty late though, we just never wanted to leave.

Next time we go on an excursion I want to go to the same place. Only downside was the kindergarden that suddenly took over the beach. Could not understand how it could be so many children with to few parents, haha. "They even have children in their backpacks!" Andreas said, hahaha.

Today I did a photoshoot in Palma with a Swedish coaching company and tomorrow I'll shoot a wedding in Alcanada. Can't wait! I love these small intimate ceremonies <3

North of Mallorca - Mallorca photographer

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