Three island weddings in one summer - Mallorca and Ulvön, Sweden

Exactly four years ago I received three wedding invitations around the same time. One of them was expected since I designed it... And the other two was a bit expected as well but still a nice surprise when they arrived.

Two of the weddings were going to be held in Mallorca and one in Sweden on Ulvön. So all island weddings!

Fun fact, that we of course did not know at the time, was that all three couple were to have their first child around the same time, and a second around the same time as well! Funny how things goes sometimes :)

Anyways. ALl of the weddings were to be held during the summer and of course I brought my camera in all three. On the second one, which was my friends Olivia and Gustavs wedding, I was the official photographer, though I was also the guest (not recommended, but it was a lot of fun!) so they got the photography session as a wedding gift from me and my boyfriend who helped out.

The first wedding was held on Swedish Ulvön and it was a friend of Andreas who got married. A beautiful ceremony that was finished just as the sky opened up and rain started to pour. It was still beautiful though, have a look:

A lot of emotions from the start as the bride set foot a shore and walked up to the groom who was nervously waiting.
An emotional kiss and no eyes were dry, as we say in Sweden.
That look...
The dress was amazing!
No words needed.

Olivia & Gustav - Wedding at a Golf club

The second wedding of that summer was a august wedding in Mallorca and it was my friends Olivia and Gustav who tied the knot at Vall dor Golf outside of Cala dÓr.

It was my very first full day-wedding and I gave it as a wedding gift to the couple. It was a hot day in August and with a new camera in my hands I was a bit shaky but I managed to capture many beautiful shots and then we danced the night away.

It was time to get going!
We shot the portraits before the ceremony and I think that gave the photos that extra nerve ;)
I almost missed it, but that has made me more alert for that special kiss on future ceremonies, haha.
The brides maids.
The ceremony was held in the shade, which we all were thankful for. It was a hot day!
One of the best men sang during the ceremony. Beautiful!
The sun moved across the sky and it got sweaty wearing a costume!
Details from the dinner tables.
The tables were named after the places the couples has been living on together.
Happy and a bit nervous!
Those "in between"-shots! <3

Dream wedding at Son Marroig

The last wedding was my co-worker Anne Sophie who married her Baris at Son Marroig between Deia and Valldemossa. It was just stunning!

Since the wedding was in the mountains most guest chose to stay in Puerto de Sóller.
I went with my collegues and I wore a dress from Ida Sjöstedt. Love it!
My placement at the ceremony was bad for photos, I did not want to block the view for other guests. But I got this one and the back drop was just gorgeous.
Probably one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Mallorca!

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