I tend to say to people that I miss running along the water every morning, like I did when we lived in Palma.

But that's super inaccurate. I never ran EVERY morning. If I had a good training week I ran 4 times. But again, on a REALLY good week!

If I was out early I ran around 9 o´clock. But mostly maybe around 11. So it was barely morning... I know, I need to work on my morning habits, and get out of bed earlier! Haha.

BUT. I really miss it. Running in Palma. Andreas loves to run out here around Sineu. No people, no traffic and he sees more animals than humans even on a 20k run. But I love the open feeling by the sea, and to see other people jon, train, roller blading, biking, bathing... So I really miss living in Palma with only 5 min jog to the sea. To run to the obelisque in Molinar and then back into Palma Old town, to the La Ruta Martiana-squares.

When we sat there by the beach in Molinar today we talked about moving to Palma in a couple of years. If we don't buy that country side house that we are thinking about, haha. We really loved living on the country side. Living inside a village is not 100% our cup of infused tea, but the rents are a lot more affordable here than in Palma. And we have a 40 minutes train ride and then we are in the middle of Palma without the hassle of finding parking. So, we will stay here in "Sincan", as nobody is calling it, for a while. Until we have saved up a bit. For a house. Or that long trip.

But a house or apartment in Molinar or Portixol would also be a dream, By the sea, close to the city. Just a perfect location. Maybe one day. At least I'm aloud to dream.

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