February, the worst or the best month in Mallorca?

I'm a summer person. That's why I wanted to move abroad and ended up in Mallorca with my boyfriend Andreas. There is just one thing. Mallorca does not have summer all year round. The autumn is windy and cooler. Spring is nice but not very stable. And the winter can be really raw and cold. Pretty damn cold. The way that it feels like you will never get warm again. And that's when you're indoors...

Our first winter in Mallorca we had snow on the beaches. That was the first time in twenty years, but still. Andreas got sick from the damp climate inside. We were a bit chocked by the difference compared to Sweden. And like most people, we went to Bauhaus to get a dehumidifier.

In the house we live in now, we have both a AC with heating, a fire stove and a dehumidifier. It probably helps that we do not live close to the sea. We have not had this good indoors climate in a long time.

December was nice and January as well. But I knew I had to brace myself. Any day it could happen. The beginning of February is always the worst. I told my self to enjoy the long runs in the sun because; winter is coming!

But nothing happened. The sun kept on shining and the temperature is still rising. This weekend the forecast says 20 degrees. What's happening?

So, I was anticipating the worst, all for nothing.

Now I'll just enjoy. Take long walks and runs while the sweat is dripping. And I'm hoping this warm winter just goes directly into summer.

The photos are from Port de Alcudia, I'm photographing a wedding there in May!

Bilderna är ifrån Port Alcudia, jag ska fota bröllop där i maj!

I'm bringing my Instax 6 everywhere. It's just so much fun.
February might not be bikini weather, but the beaches are almost empty. 
My favourite second hand trousers.
Sun equals happiness. 
I love this camera!
I'll get one that takes the mini format as well. 

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