I have always loved story telling. In words or photos. Since 2007 I’ve been in love with photography. That’s when I bought my first DSLR. I was an amateur photographer but I felt like a pro. And I always wanted to grow and get better. Today I work with photography and retouching in my role as a web content manager on a daily basis. And as a person working with web marketing you will sooner or later get asked to “do a video”. How hard can it be? Pretty hard actually. But a lot of fun and I think it’s becoming a new love of my life. And it is so much easier to tell a story this way. Even though is requires more work. Like a ton.

So this summer Andreas and I started a Youtube channel in Swedish, where you can follow Andreas way back from an long term injury to a, hopefully, successful year with Ironman races around the world in 2017.



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