The best sunset in Mallorca - Sa Foradada/Son Marroig

Last weekend, after Son Amar, Andreas suggested we could go to Port de Sóller since we were so close to the tunnel, which is free since 1 1/2 years now. So we went, and then I suggested we could continue up in the mountains and see the sunset from the little bar by Son Marroig/Sa Foradada that I had heard so much about.

And it was better than we thought. A lot of people, nice atmospehere, good music and we got a table all though it was quite crowded. I really recommend going there! we have lived here for 7 years but never went so it was about time! Especially since Sundays here can be quite dull. And for us who's working from home, ut was nice to experience nature but with some people around.

Have you ever been there? What did you think? My mission from now on is to experience as many sunset as I possible can here in Mallorca. It's easy to get lazy and take it for granted. But I'll stop doing that and live a little. Not only work.

Imagine getting married with that view btw...

port de soller mallorca

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