Me - A wedding photographer?

More than four years ago, my good friends Olivia and Gustav asked me to photograph their wedding in Mallorca. I said yes, because I love to photograph and I would probably bring my camera anyway since I was invited as a guest. I had also been thinking that it would be fun to get into wedding photography. And I figured, since I was a guest it wouldn't be too much pressure...

During the big day I realised how big of a responsibility it is to photograph someones wedding. Nothing can go wrong. "Never again" I though to myself afterwards, nervous to see the photos and with tired feet after all of the dancing (since I was also a guest...)

But I was still drawn in into the world of wedding photography. I loved the atmosphere and the whole thing. Memories from when I used to sang at wedding popped up and I missed it. The happiness, the laughters and most of all, of course, the love. All the expectations, dreams of the future and the nostalgia that comes with weddings. It's truly magical. And I captured some really good photos that I was happy to show my friends.

Some years later I got another request. In between, my camera had still been busy, but I had mostly been shooting my boyfriend Andreas on his fast bikes, riding down steep hills in the Tramuntana mountains. That and real estate, landscape and life style shoots. I said yes even though I was nervous. But I wanted to try it. And so I did.

Directly afterwards I felt that feeling again. "Never again". Not because it was an unpleasant experience or that I dropped my camera in the sea. Not at all. It was so much fun to capture the wedding couples intimate ceremony with the Mediterranean sea as a back drop. And I felt that I had done a good job. But I wasn't sure until I saw the photos on my computer screen.

When I plugged in the memory card into the computer I was nervous. What if they all turned out black? Which is ridiculous since I had already had a sneak peek in the camera. And when the pictures showed up on my screen I felt a tingle in my heart and underneeth of my feet. I couldn't wait to start editing them and I just felt: "I really have to do this again!"

And that's how it started. So I am kind of new as a wedding photographer, but I have shot portraits since I started out and bought my first camera back in 2007, which makes me a rather experienced photographer by now having been photographing sports, product photos and real estate and event for different kind of companies through out the years.

I'm looking forward to see where this journey will take me, which people I will meet and which memories I will capture. Right now I'm just looking forward to the wedding season to start here in Mallorca!

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