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Ida Carr
Photographer & Designer in Mallorca

Photographer, designer & web content manager in Mallorca

Welcome! I'm happy that you seem to like my work. Hopefully we will work together in the future.

My name is Ida Carlsson and I work with web content, photography, retouching, video production and print in Mallorca.

It's obvious that I'm in love with this island... and photopgraphy of course. When I go and explore the calas and small villages around Mallorca I always bring my camera.  Learning new stuff through online tutorials is also fun as well as learning how to cook new savory vegan dishes, a relatively new passion of mine.

Sustainability is what my heart beats for. If you have an exciting project trying to save the world, give me a ring. I would love to work with projects trying to make this world a better place.

bröllopsfotograf mallorca
bröllopsfotograf mallorca

10 facts about me:

  1. I wanted to be a dancer and performer growing up but nowadays I only dance a couple of times in night clubs with friends. But when I do it's wild!
  2. Pets has not been my thing but when 2 homeless cats moved in on their own in my house, both me and my boyfriend fell in love!
  3. I love singing and playing the piano and I try now and then to pickup my childhood skills. But not as often as I would like.
  4. Coffee does not taste very nice but I still drink it when I'm bored. But I prefer green smoothies and would love it if it was as accessible as coffee is!
  5. I'm vegan and I want to veganize the worl (muhaha) with my non existing cooking skills... But I'm working on it!
  6. I write books and aspire to become a published author.
  7. My boyfriend is a pro triathlete but I hate swimming...
  8. I love instant cameras and could easily burn all my money on camera stuff.
  9. My dream trip is island hopping in Greece or to go by train in Italy.
  10. I love shooting weddings! But my favourite part is to edit the photos afterwards... So much fun!
bröllopsfotograf mallorca

Content - Key to successful marketing

After the Web content manager & Designer program at the University of Borås I have been working with web site design, content marketing and photography for small businesses and personal brands.

I'm managing and creating content for web sites and sociala media. Producing images and photos, creating illustrations and optimising text for the web.

I can also set up and design a website for your company or personal brand from scratch.

I'm working in WordPress or Squarespace so that you can easily take over whenever you feel like it.

Working within the world of web content and content marketing, I started to develop my passion for photography and this is what I'm specialising in now.

Wedding photography in Mallorca 2019 and 2020

Check out my price list here to book me for your Mallorca wedding.